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We Are Avid Fight Fans With A Vision & A Dream…

Fight Truck is a unique approach to entertainment venues. Thought up by fight fans like you, this design is mobile and is ready to get the party started! With the ability to setup within a few hours and travel across the country, Fight Truck is like no other event venue that exists. With only a small team Fight Truck can be set up and taken down in any area large enough to fit it, whether it’s a parking lot or open field.

We Live, Breathe, & Eat Entertainment

We know fight fans because we are them. Fight Truck was envisioned to bring the fight wherever we can. No other mobile venue is as innovative as ours. Not only do we shock event go-ers, we keep them endlessly entertained with professional venue lighting, sound, and displays.

Our mission is to bring the fight to you, wherever you are. Fighting sports are meant to be enjoyed by the masses and expensive tickets for large venues can become pretty exclusive. Fight Truck wants to change that trend with a revolutionary design, a mobile fighting arena!

Fight Truck is unlike any mobile venue you’ve seen before. Our entire set up fits into the back of a semi truck and can be set up and taken down within hours. Our mobile venue contains everything you need to keep the audience in attendance endlessly entertained.

  • Professional Lighting
  • Professional Sound System & PA
  • Laser Light Show
  • Structurally Sound Seating & Arena
  • Large Display’s & Camera Set Up
  • Protective Gating Around VIP Area
  • And Much More

Unique & Thrilling

Thrill your audience with this never before seen mobile arena design. This set up is perfect for private parties or events and functions great for concerts and more.

An Original Design

This original design is unlike anything on the market. Enjoy up close VIP seating arrangements and a general audience area outside of the stainless steel gates. Fans can view the action from the four large displays mounted above the octagon so they can join in on the action.

Fight Truck prototype animation.
Fight Truck official logo.